Research At Mosaic Medical

Mosaic Medical's Research Goals

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Event Medicine Study
Hypochlorous Acid Literature Review
Chronic Pain Study
PTSD Study
Dementia Study
Addiction Study

Research Initiatives

In addition to an expanding portfolio of services offered, Mosaic Medical has partnered with several organizations to initiate a number of research projects.

With very exciting and promising prospects for changing the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and chronic pain, be sure to follow our site for updates on our research initiatives.

Research at Mosaic Medical

Research in Psychedelics

Mosaic Medical has partnered with Avail Scientific Inc. & Brainet to run clinical trials to investigate the efficacy of psychedelics in treating PTSD, chronic pain, addiction and dementia.

Brainet plays a crucial role in the project by using their patented software to quantify the findings from functional MRI’s to determine if there are significant improvements after treatment.

research partners at Mosaic Medical

Future Research Goals

Going back to pre penicillin times, research on medical applications for hypochlorous acid was being conducted. Collaborating once again with Whitecrest Mushrooms as well as EcoAgrai Group, Mosaic Medical is investigating a range of applicable uses for hypochlorous acid. Being part of the innate immune system, it is naturally occurring and non toxic making it ideal for use in wound care, burn treatment, ENT applications etc. With the increased prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria both in hospital and medical settings and in livestock, use of hypochlorous acid may have immense benefits.

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