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Mosaic Medical Mission


Our goal is to modernize the delivery of healthcare for our clients by emphasizing procedural transparency and integrity while providing the highest quality possible of accessible patient care. Our medical team consists of highly trained individuals with a base requirement of 400 hours of practical emergency medical training as paramedics, nurses or physicians.

Our educators further enhance and reinforce the skills of the field medics by providing additional training in specific assessments, procedures and medical techniques including: Athletic injury management, Concussion identification and Emergency planning.

All our staff can perform controlled medical acts as a result of their education, training, and physician oversight. Medic staff have a wide range of abilities on site including medication administration, IV initiation, Defibrillation, Trauma management, C-spine Protocols, Concussion management protocols and mass casualty triage training.

Our clients take great steps to provide an engaging, fun, memorable time for people in attendance at any type of event. While nobody wants to get hurt or sick, these incidents do happen, and often when they occur in a public place, the experience can stay with not just the patient, but those around them. Having a medical team on site can minimize the impact to the operations of an event and help maintain the dignity and privacy of a guest in need of help by responding quickly. In the most severe cases, seconds really DO matter, and having a trained professional on standby can greatly increase the chance of survival. Let us help keep your guests safe while you provide them with a great experience they’ll remember.


Mosaic Medical has been a Canadian Red Cross training partner since 2018 and has taken much pride in providing the best learning environment for our course participants.

We use a proprietary course designs and tactics derived from best-practices around the world to ensure you have an eccentric learning experience.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a premium service at comparable rates.

With much more than just first aid, our staff are highly educated, certified and experienced medical professionals. Every educator has a minimum of two years of post-secondary education, along with ongoing certifications and review and extensive experience due to field placements in specialized trauma and pre-hospital settings.

We offer comprehensive courses in CRC Standard First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for those who need training due to work requirements or who want additional knowledge when responding to emergencies at home. Check out some of our additional courses below!


Providing options. Any time a group of people gather, there’s a risk that something goes wrong. Our in-office medical team are trained in athletic therapy and message therapy to promote the best possible - and appropriate - care.

Our clinic will focus on sports rehabilitation, therapeutic treatments, and as of recently positive effects of aromatherapy; as well as, remedial exercise and Reiki techniques. The advantage of coming to Mosaic Medical, is that our trained and experienced staff take the time to understand your operations and find a response that aligns with operational goals. We work together as a team of healthcare professionals, to get our clients back to their optimal health.

Mosaic Medical's History


Med-On-Site Opens

med on site logo

New company formed to help manage injuries with amateur athletics in London, Ontario under the name Med-On-Site.



First Office

Med-On-Site opens its first office at the Western Fair District in London, Ontario


Expansion into Education

Med-On-Site starts a new division providing training in athletic injuries and first aid.



New Office

Med-On-Site moves to a new space at 111 Waterloo St.



Continued expansion leads Med-On-Site to move to its current home at 100 Kellogg Lane.



Glia Initiative

Mosaic Medical begins working with Glia, a company founded on the principles of improved access to medical equipment and training.


Mosaic Medical

timeline mosaic medical logo

Med-On-Site becomes Mosaic Medical, offering a host of new services and products.



Manufacturing and Design Division Licenced

Mosaic Medical obtains its MDEL as a medical device manufacturing and distribution establishment licenced under Health Canada.

Mosaic Medical Relies On A Strong Team Of People


We aim to develop sustainable global medical device manufacturing capabilities in Canada for products critical to protecting the health of everyone. Our current mission is to make the gown and stethoscope selection process simple and efficient.

We combined quality domestic materials with quality domestic manufacturing procedures to produce our medical devices.

We are committed to providing the health care market with quality reusable products. In addition to the tremendous environmental benefits our products like the N1-IG offer, we also offers significant cost savings when compared to single-use disposable devices. Mosaic is dedicated to its mission of providing safe, reliable, reusable and sustainable equipment.

We also work with groups placing large orders to help with setting up the logistics and procedures for those who wish to make reusable gowns part of their PPE standard in combating hazards and infection.

3d printed bone models

Together we can build a stronger community

mosaic medical education and medical services


1002 - 100 Kellogg Lane
London, Ontario,
Canada N5W 0B4


Weekdays 9:30am – 4:00pm


Email: medicalservices@mosaicmedical.ca
Phone: (519) 643-0003
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