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All of our medical equipment is sustainable, low-cost, locally manufactured and validated to the quality of far more expensive standard medical devices.

An outpouring of support and encouragement has been graciously directed at healthcare providers as heroes throughout the global pandemic. As healthcare providers ourselves, we appreciate the sentiment but want to recognize the impact the pandemic has had on those who have seen increased financial uncertainty and loss in the interest of keeping the public safe. To accomplish this, a portion of all proceeds from our device sales will be donated to go towards rebuilding businesses and communities impacted by the public health measures instituted to help fight the pandemic.

Hero themed stethoscopes that are a vidication of the hero status of our communities Health care workers and first responders in the field and in the Emerg. We are proud to be part of the communities of health care providers that have made a difference to the population over the years and through a world wide pandemic.

These select designs of 3D printed stethescopes are very affordable to the point of question; Are they for real? The answer is YES! All of our medical equipment is sustainable, low-cost, locally manufactured and clinically validated to the quality of far more expensive standard medical devices.

This 3-D Printed Stethoscope can be purchased in any set colour or combination.

Colours include:

  • Safety Orange
  • Hi-Vis Yellow
  • Mosaic Blue
  • Cherry Red
  • Seafoam Teal

For Custom orders or combinations, please put your request in the additional notes "Special instructions" area provided in the cart.

certified 3d printed stethescope

Clinically Validated

This device has been validated in a peer-reviewed publication. In Canada, it is produced by Mosaic Medical and Glia in agreement as a Class I device. Glia and Mosaic Medical hold a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.

High Performance

Modelling off the 1963 Littmann design whose patent expired decades ago, we present a stethoscope that performs on par with the Cardiology III at a fraction of the cost. To reduce cost, 3D printers are used to create several parts including the stethoscope head, Y-piece, spring and ear tubes.

stethoscope fire engine

Customized Colours

Stethoscopes can be purchased from one of our collection presets or customized to suit the taste of the wearer or a clinical group. Include your colour preferences when placing an order.

Options include:

  • Pearl Blue
  • Cherry Red
  • Safety Orange
  • Electric Yellow
  • Seafoam Green

A Positive New Trend

Medical professionals who have relied on premium brand counterparts are making the switch and realizing the potential devices like these can have for sustainable and self-reliant healthcare. The stethoscope is also being introduced where stethoscopes may not have been used before, improving the quality of care patients receive.

Interested in placing a bulk order request, or purchasing customized colours?

You will be surprised with the mulitude of colours we can make your custom stethoscope with, and greater the quantites the better the quote we can give you!

Give us the details and we will get back to you with a fair quote.

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