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A Healthy You! Clinical Services At Mosaic Medical

To facilitate recovery from injuries sustained at the various events we provide medical coverage for, we have two independent registered massage therapists onsite at Mosaic Medical. Trish Scott and Lucas Iredale are extremely passionate about their profession and the use of massage therapy as part of the recovery process. In addition to therapeutic massage therapy, Lucas offers reiki treatments for an energy based healing option. Trish Scott now offers the innovative RAPID Neurofascial Reset treatment to her patients which focuses on resetting the central nervous system (CNS) in order to release pain and muscle tension. Book an appointment with one of these amazing therapists to start on your way to feeling your best.

Lucas Iredale

- RMT/Fitness Consultant

"Make Yourself A Priority"


Massage Treatment

30 Minutes$60.00
45 Minutes$70.00
60 Minutes$85.00

Remedial Exercise

15 Minutes$20.00
30 Minutes$35.00
60 Minutes$70.00

Trish Scott


"It Hurts Good"


Massage Treatment

Includes options for:

  • Rapid Neurofascial Reset (neurological treatment)
  • Cupping
  • IASTM (blades)
  • KTape (Kinesiology Tape)

    All treatments subjected to 13% HST
30 Minutes$62.00
45 Minutes$77.00
60 Minutes$96.00
90 Minutes$134.00

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